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navaratnagems.com is a 100 per cent owned subsidiary firm of Astro Journey and www.astromandir.com. Click here to learn more about Astro Journey. Astromandir.com has been serving the Internet community since 1999, and has built trust, loyalty and admiration among its friends, patrons, followers and clientele.

Planetary Gemologist Asssociation
We are member of Planetary Gemology Association, Bangkok, Thailand. We follow PGA codes of professional ethics.

Gemstone Universe is an organisation formed with the same passion, vision and ethics as Astro Journey, albeit for the purpose of providing authentic and potent gemstones through the Internet for the interested community. It aims at being THE destination for the individuals on a more aware plane looking at harnessing the powers of the gemstones. The high quality and superior features ensure that it can serve the taste of connoisseurs as well, who are looking for the exquisite.

We are member of Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council, India

It is no secret that the gemstones have extraordinary powers that can have a dramatic influence on an individual's fortune. Wearing a suitable gemstone can increase benefits and attract abundance into the life of an individual. The positive effects experienced by human beings far outweigh the concerns of the sceptics. The aim of wearing a precious gemstone can be very wide ranging - from prosperity, to scaling the ladder in professional life, a successful marriage, freedom from machinations of rivals and enemies etc ... to progress in spiritual pursuits.

We are member of Gemological Institute of America

Gemstone Universe has a dedicated team of qualified gemmologists, who ascertain the suitable gemstones for the clientele upon a detailed study of individual birth chart, in consideration with the objectives/ aspirations stated by the individual.

Upon choosing a gem, your talisman/ ring/ pendant will be made in the most auspicious time frame chosen by electional astrology and further consecrated, energised and blessed in our Vara Siddhi Vinayaka temple.

We are member of Directorate General of Foreign Trade

At gemstone Universe, the larger idea is to spread awareness about the power of precious gemstones and to make available a platform for natural, untreated and potent gemstones. In today's world, there is available a fake, an imitation of everything including gemstones. Not only that, low grade stones are often treated unethically by unscrupulous traders to lend it the looks of a very expensive flawless gem. This may not be discernable to the naked eye or to an untrained eye. It can be detected by getting the gem tested in a lab or by having it checked with an established expert in the field.

At Gemstone Universe, you are safe from such malpractices as the highest standards and certification procedures are followed. Each and every precious stone with Gemstone Universe is hand-picked and selected only after it meets the criterion for quality and standards that have been set to adjudge an astrologically potent gemstone.

We promise that you will cherish your association with us and your personal gemstone talisman fondly.